Welcome to your ultimate guide to outdoor adventures right here in Southern Utah!

Take to the skies with AERIAL tours and activities, or hit the trails with BIKING and HIKING adventures. Dive into BOATING and WATER SPORTS, explore canyons through CANYONEERING, or tee off with a round of GOLF. Experience the excitement of MOTORCYCLES and OFF-ROADING, or enjoy a serene ride with HORSES. For winter fun, try ICE SKATING or SKIING and SNOWBOARDING. Explore stunning PARKS, play PICKLEBALL, or take the plunge with SCUBA DIVING. Enhance your aim with SHOOTING sports, swim in local waters, or zip through the landscape with ZIP LINING. With endless options, Southern Utah is your playground for outdoor excitement and discovery.

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Explore Southern Utah desert flowers

Southern Utah Desert Flowers

Discover the vibrant bloom of Utah desert flowers. Explore the breathtaking colors and unique flora of this arid landscape.

High West Old Fashion - Bourbon and Blues Bar Cocktails near Zion National Park

Bourbon & Blues Bar Elevated Cocktail Experience

Sip and savor at Bourbon and Blues with our signature cocktails, each a blend of unique flavors and local charm, under Southern Utah’s sunset.

Brews, Craft & Kitchen at Silver Reef

Brews, Craft & Kitchen at Silver Reef

Silver Reef Brewing in St. George, Utah, is more than just a place to grab a pint. It’s a haven for craft beer lovers and foodies alike, offering a delightful combination of brews, creative cuisine, and a welcoming atmosphere.

water canyon hike southern utah zion national park hidale no crowds

Water Canyon Trail

The Water Canyon hike near Hildale, Utah offers a more secluded and off-the-beaten-path hiking experience compared to Zion National Park. It is a more tranquil setting for hikers seeking solitude while exploring Southern Utah.

Southern Utah Food Trucks

Food Trucks in Southern Utah

Food trucks have a knack for turning ordinary spaces into vibrant community hubs as they play a vital role in supporting our local economy. Book a Food Truck for your next Event and watch for these local food trucks at events around Southern Utah!

Things to Do In St George Utah

Explore So Utah: Things To Do In St George

With so many things to do in St George, Southern Utah offers a buffet of activities for all interests, whether you crave outdoor thrills, cultural immersion, or family-friendly fun. So, lace up your hiking boots, grab your swimsuit, and get ready to explore!

southern utah hiking guide st george cedar city kanab zion

So Utah Hiking Guide – Get Outside!

We have the most amazing hiking opportunities right here where we live in southern Utah! From the stunning red rock formations to the serene desert landscapes, there’s a trail for every adventurer.


Best Mexican Food In Southern Utah

From the comforting aroma of sizzling fajitas to the burst of flavors in every taco bite, we can’t get enough. Fortunately, in Southern Utah, we’re spoiled for choice when it comes to Mexican eateries. Best Mexican Food In Southern Utah.

silver reef ghost town near greater zion st george Explore So Utah

Ghost Town in Southern Utah | Silver Reef

Nestled in southwestern Utah, Silver Reef- Historic Charm Amid Red Rocks with its historic mining town allure.


Hike A Local Volcano

We hiked Cinder Cone with a Ranger from Snow Canyon State Park. If you have the chance to hike one of their guided hikes – do it! 

Not only did we learn a lot about volcanos, but we learned about plants and the local history of the rock formations right here in Southern Utah.