Welcome to Southern Utah’s Scoop Scene. Whether you’re a seasoned ice cream enthusiast or just looking to satisfy a sweet craving, you will find local favorites and new places to indulge in ice cream in all its forms. 

Treat yourself to a scoop of happiness! We have created a list of must-try local ice cream for you. Head on over to our Facebook or Instagram pages and let us know how you like these local treats!

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The Stanley

Strawberry ice cream with chocolate sauce and marshmallows mixed in topped with whipped cream and marshmallows, crowned by a fresh waffle cone stuffed with marshmallows, strawberry wafer chunks and a mini frosted donut dripping in chocolate sauce!

You can find this at:

Frostbites in St George


Berry Splash Rolled Ice Cream

Indulge in the tantalizing delight of “Berry Splash” rolled ice cream, where velvety vanilla meets a symphony of mixed berries and playful gummy bears in every luscious bite. With each spoonful, experience a burst of flavor that transports you to a blissful summer paradise, making “Berry Splash” the ultimate treat for your taste buds.

You can find this at:
K-Bar in St George.



This delicious combination uses marshmallow cream to flavor the ice cream base of your choice. To complete the sensational S’more mix, our Sub Zero Ice Cream experts added chocolate chips and graham cracker crumbs.

You can find this at:
Sub Zero in Cedar City.


Ice Cream Sandwiches

They use Dutchman’s cookies and they are fantastic! This is a great combination featuring 2 local St. George family businesses. You can choose any flavor of ice cream and they will custom make the ice cream sandwich to order. 

You can find this at:
Snelgrove Ice Cream in St George.


Dippers Ice Cream Bar

Their creamy vanilla ice cream bars are dipped into signature house chocolate, then coated in any combination of toppings and drizzles chosen by the customer. In this photo, you can see a customer-favorite ice cream bar topped with a mouthwatering combination of rainbow sprinkles and crushed Oreo cookies.

You can find this at:
Dippers in Cedar City.


Rich and Famous

Everyone loves it because it’s packed with cookie dough and brownie chunks. Rich and Famous is a hit for its crowd-pleasing mix of flavors.

You can find this at:
Bee Sweet in St George.


Manako Mango Shaved Ice + Ice Cream

This is made with the softest ice, delicious sweet fresh mango, homemade strawberry jelly, and it is topped with yummy fruity vanilla ice cream and garnished with our home made mint crisp. It’s their best-selling creation and it’s truly a dessert that will draw a smile in your heart!

You can find this at:
Hoku Lani Shaved Ice in Hurricane.



Rich custard paired with smooth Italian ice! With over 20 Italian ice flavors to choose from, the combinations are endless. Italian ice is sorbet consistency, not like shaved ice. You can’t go wrong with a Zeppes Gelata!

You can find this at:
Zeppes around St George.

Local Southern Utah Businesses offer unique and yummy ice cream treats to enjoy.  

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