Getting Your Hot Tub Ready for Spring and Summer!!!

Get your hot tubs ready for spring and summer with these essential steps!

✔️ Begin by draining and giving your hot tub a thorough cleaning to remove any winter buildup.

✔️ Next, inspect and replace filters to ensure optimal performance.

✔️ Refill your hot tub and heat it up to your desired temperature.

✔️ Check and balance the water chemistry for a safe and enjoyable soak.

✔️ Don’t forget to inspect for leaks and address any issues promptly.

✔️ Enhance your experience by adding accessories like aromatherapy scents or floating lights.

✔️ Finally, sit back, relax, and enjoy your rejuvenating hot tub experience in the beautiful St. George weather!

Should I shock my hot tub when I first fill it up?

One crucial question that arises is whether to shock the hot tub upon initial filling.

The answer is a resounding yes.

Prior to that inaugural dip, it’s imperative to administer a shock treatment with appropriate hot tub chemicals as advised by manufacturers.

This essential step serves multiple purposes: effectively eliminating lingering organic compounds, curbing algae growth, disinfecting the tub, restoring the pH balance to optimal levels, and thoroughly cleansing it for a pristine initial experience.

By adhering to this protocol, hot tub enthusiasts can ensure a hygienic and enjoyable soak from the very beginning.

The Step-By-Step Sequence We Recommend For Adding Chemicals To Your Spa

While maintaining your hot tub, it’s important to follow a precise sequence for adding chemicals to ensure optimal water quality and comfort.

✔️  Start with the jets on high, and if necessary, add Metal Sequestrant or Stain Preventer to the water before anything else. This helps address any potential issues with metals or stains.

✔️  Next, carefully adjust the alkalinity and pH levels, ensuring they fall within the recommended range for a balanced spa environment. Then, attend to the sanitization levels, whether using chlorine or bromine, to keep bacteria at bay and ensure a hygienic soaking experience.

✔️ Finally, fine-tune the calcium hardness levels for water that feels just right. Following this step-by-step sequence diligently will help you enjoy your hot tub in St. George to the fullest while maintaining water clarity and safety.

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