We hiked Cinder Cone with a Ranger from Snow Canyon State Park. If you have the chance to hike one of their guided hikes – do it! 

Not only did we learn a lot about volcanos, but we learned about plants and the local history of the rock formations right here in Southern Utah.

The hike is short, but remember, you are climbing a volcano – so plan on steep uphill hiking. The park has recently added some switchbacks that make it less strenuous to get to the top.

The views at the top are breathtaking.  You get to take in all the different levels of terrain that Southern Utah brings to our world. 

When I think about hiking a volcano, I think of hot lava in Hawaii. A short outdoor adventure in our own backyard is not what comes to mind. However, it’s such a fun local adventure that I think everyone should check out.

Have you hiked Cinder Cone? 

Share your experience!

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Respecting and Preserving Nature:
Practice responsible exploration by respecting our land. Pack out what you pack in (don’t leave garbage!). Stick to the trails and only take photos and memories home with you.

Remember to always pack water with you!


After you have hiked our volcano, head on over to IG or FB and share your comments and photos!

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