The Cedar City Chamber of Commerce actively fosters Iron County’s development, aiming to enhance and enrich the vibrant business ecosystem within Cedar City. The Chamber strives to elevate the local economy, fostering an environment conducive to prosperity and innovation. Through its initiatives and partnerships, it seeks to empower businesses, driving progress and ensuring a sustainable future for the community. 

What Makes Us Unique

What sets the Cedar City Chamber of Commerce apart is its deep commitment to fostering community collaboration and economic growth amidst the stunning backdrop of Southern Utah’s natural beauty.

Embracing the spirit of unity, the Chamber serves as a dynamic hub where businesses, residents, and local organizations converge to exchange ideas, resources, and support. Its proactive approach includes innovative programs tailored to address the evolving needs of the region, ranging from small business development initiatives to promoting tourism and cultural events.

Its unique blend of vibrant community engagement, strategic partnerships, and unwavering dedication to enhancing the quality of life makes the Cedar City Chamber of Commerce an invaluable asset and a driving force behind the region’s success.

Member Benefits

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Becoming a member of the Chamber offers myriad growth prospects, networking avenues, and expanded visibility for your business.

Our diverse array of monthly, quarterly, and annual events fosters connections and facilitates expansion. Situated alongside the Small Business Development Center, we provide convenient access to invaluable resources.

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Every member possesses the capability to promote their businesses, sales, specials, and events via our bi-monthly e-news, social media platforms, and community calendar.

Additionally, new members are entitled to 21 complimentary Radio Ads courtesy of Cherry Creek Media, provided they haven’t utilized this advertising opportunity within the previous year.

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The Chamber holds scheduled events such as: Monthly luncheons, business open houses, the Annual Golf Tournament, a Quarterly Iron County Economic Review Breakfast, and many more.

These events provide a great environment to build your business through networking, as well as take away great information designed to improve your business.

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Ribbon Cutting

In addition, we offer innovative Ground-Breaking, Ribbon Cutting, and Open House amenities tailored exclusively for our esteemed Chamber members.

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The Chamber articulates your interests, wielding the collective strength of almost 400 members. Engaged across city, county, and state committees and boards, we ensure the voices of our members and community resonate.

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Every year, the Chamber aids numerous visitors and callers seeking local services and products. In recommending businesses, we prioritize Chamber members, striving to amplify their visibility and facilitate connections with potential clients.

Additionally, annually, we furnish a referral report, showcasing the extent of exposure garnered via our website and online directory.

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Joining the Chamber offers immense advantages, notably the boost in credibility derived from affiliating with a dedicated organization committed to fostering the expansion and advocacy of local enterprises.

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