Mexican cuisine often holds a special place in the hearts of Southern Utah locals. It is more than just food to us residents; it’s a favorite meal that brings people together. From the comforting aroma of sizzling fajitas to the burst of flavors in every taco bite, we can’t get enough. Fortunately, in Southern Utah, we’re spoiled for choice when it comes to Mexican eateries.

Join us on a culinary journey as we explore the vibrant world of Mexican cuisine right here in our own backyard. We have created a list of must-try local dishes for you to try. Head on over to our Facebook or Instagram pages and let us know how you like the food!

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best Mexican Food In Southern Utah  St George Cedar City Zion Beso-Chimichanga

Beso Chimichanga

Amazing Peppers creation. Your choice of 1 or 2 fresh homemade flour tortillas (raw-not yet grilled) stuffed with your choice of shredded chicken, shredded beef, shredded pork or Chile Verde (green Chile pork). Wrapped up to look like a BESO (Kiss) and deep-fried to perfection. “Smother it” with red or green sauce.

You can find this dish at:

🌶️Peppers Cantina in St George


Shrimp Fajitas

Our shrimp fajita is a delicious dish consisting of shrimp, sautéed with onions, and bell peppers. The shrimp and vegetables are served sizzling on a hot skillet, accompanied by warm flour or corn tortillas. Alongside this fajita comes rice and beans, sour cream and guacamole. To enjoy the shrimp fajitas, you can assemble your own customized tacos using the warm tortillas provided. Spoon a generous portion of shrimp and vegetables onto a tortilla, then add your choice of condiments and toppings. Roll it up tightly, and enjoy!

You can find this dish at:

🌮Pancho & Lefty’s in St George

The Molcajete Supreme brodys mexican restaurant cedar city utah

The Molcajete Supreme

The Molcajete Supreme it’s a lava rock bowl that we heat on an open fire. Once it’s super hot we put aluminum foil on it then we add green enchilada sauce, grilled onions, Cactus, zucchini, Chicken shrimp, and beef you also get rice and beans and Tortillas.

You can find this dish at Brodys Mexican Restaurant in Cedar City.

Pierna tacos at Gordito’s Tacos Cedar City Utah

Pierna tacos

Indulge in our exquisite Pierna tacos at Gordito’s Tacos, where succulent pork shoulder is meticulously slow-cooked for 12 hours in our signature homemade mole sauce, resulting in unparalleled tenderness that effortlessly pulls apart. Nestled atop a traditional corn tortilla, the tender pork is adorned with fresh cilantro and onion, complemented by the vibrant flavors of our renowned Avocado salsa and tangy pickled habanero onions. With each bite, experience the vibrant essence of Mexico awakening your palate to a symphony of flavors and aromas.

You can find this dish at Gordito’s 🌮 Tacos in Cedar City.


Quesabirria Plate

This culinary gem combines tender Birria beef and melted cheese between crisp tortillas, delivering a perfect combo of flavors in every bite. What sets Angelica’s Quesabirria Plate apart is its authenticity. The Mexican Birria beef is slow-cooked to perfection, resulting in tender, flavorful meat. Accompanied by warm Consomé, Angelica’s homemade salsa, with fresh veggies.

You can find this dish at Angelica’s Mexican Grill in St George


Camarones Mojo de Ajo

Tantalize your taste buds with our Camarones Mojo de Ajo, succulent shrimp swimming in a pool of our signature garlic butter sauce. Each tender morsel absorbs the rich, savory flavors as they mingle with the irresistible aroma of fresh garlic. Served over a bed of fluffy rice and beans, with a dollop of cool, creamy guacamole to balance the palate. This customer favorite is a feast for the senses, leaving you eager for the next delightful bite. Our owner/chef expertly infuses love into every dish, guaranteeing an experience your taste buds will crave again and again. Treat yourself to true culinary bliss with this mouthwatering meal. Step through our doors and find yourself surrounded by the warm embrace of family. For over three decades, we’ve been welcoming guests into our home away from home. Now we’re delighted to bring our trademark hospitality and charm to this brand new location. Since opening our doors in August 2022, we’ve been absolutely thrilled to serve you and yours. So come on in, pull up a seat, and let us take care of you! You’re with family here.

You can find this dish at:

🥑La Fonda Grill in Hurricane

Fish-and-Shrimp-Combo-Baja-Taco-Dudes st-george-southern-utah

Fish and Shrimp Combo

Fish and shrimp combo meal comes with 2 tacos one fish and one shrimp. Our fish taco starts as a 2.5-ounce cut of wild-caught Cod then hand dipped in our very own Ensenada Cerveza (beer) batter and fried to golden perfection. We then put it on 2 Yellow corn tortillas that are made in Mexico. Our Chipotle cream sauce is made daily alongside our pico slaw, which includes Cabbage, Cilantro, Tomatoes, and Onions. Our shrimp taco comes with 3 jumbo shrimp and is cooked and dressed the same way. Then we pair it with fresh tortilla chips and our popular yellow pepper we cook and season.

You can find this dish at Baja Taco Dudes around St George.


Quesabirria Tacos

Mexican tender shredded beef cooked in a red chile broth and melted cheese and served inside of gravy-dipped corn tortillas. Served with consume (chile beef gravy), Mexican rice, and refried beans. Topped off with cilantro, onions, radishes, limes, and fresh Mexican cheese.

You can find this dish at Mazatlan Mexican Grill and Seafood in Hurricane



Skirt steak, Mexican chorizo, grilled chicken, sautéed shrimp and fish filet served on a hot volcanic rock with queen fresco (fresh cheese) topped with green onions and jalapeños and salsa tomatillo.

You can find this dish at Los Tapatios in St George

Whether you’re a longtime resident or just passing through, exploring the world of Mexican cuisine in Southern Utah is an experience not to be missed. From family-owned taquerias to upscale Mexican eateries, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. So grab your appetite and embark on a culinary adventure through the flavors of Mexico right here in our own backyard. Buena comida! 

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